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No matter what dance style you want your child to learn, we’ve got most of them covered at Blackheath School of Dance. Speak to us and find out more about what dancing lesson will suit your child and our dance teachers will take care of the rest.  


You’ll also be invited to come and witness your little star perform at the end of each term. Your child will also get an opportunity to perform at various places, including the Broadway Theatre in Catford.

First ballet classes

Mummy and me - 2½ to 3 years

This is a special dance class in which mothers can come along with their children. The class will help your little ones to learn more about their bodies, to gain confidence and improve co-ordination among other benefits. The first introduction to ballet with mummy happens on Fridays 10:30AM to 11AM.


Babies ballet - 2½ to 4 years

The first ballet class for children without their mothers next to them. In this class your child continues to improve in skills from the mummy and me class and also learns to take instructions and learn basic ballet moves with the help of fun games.


Tap - for 4 years upwards

Your children can take an additional tap class, which’ll give them more knowledge on rhythm and musicality. This is one of our most popular classes!


Modern - from 6 years

Your child can also take up modern dance class, which is again a more relaxed class that promotes quality, expression, flexibility, stamina and strength. It’s filled with creativity and captures the imagination of your child.

Street - 6 years upwards

The street classes your children get are fun, fast, edgy and full of attitude. If your children like to dance to their favourite pop star’s music in their bedrooms, this is the right class for them! You can choose different levels - juniors, seniors and advance. No exams are taken in street class.



This is a technique focused class utilising the strong and controlled leg work of ballet combined with the quality of modern and jazz dance. This is a non-syllabus creative class in which your child will learn new steps and dance qualities. No exams are taken in contemporary classes.


Musical theatre - 6 years upwards

A fun class for your children in which they work collaboratively at different levels to explore vocal technique. We do this by using these methods like:


  • A character-based song interpretation

  • Choreography

  • Rehearse and perform songs from many musicals


This class is designed for a variety of experience levels and will build the confidence and skill of your child. No exams are taken in musical theatre.


Pointe work

When your child achieves grade 4 ballet examination, they're fit enough for an additional pointe work class.


Stretching and body conditioning

When your child attains grade 2 ballet, it's necessary to attend a stretch and body conditioning class once a week. This helps your child to build stamina, improve flexibility and to achieve an understanding of their physical fitness.

Dancing lessons designed for your child!

Dance forms and more


For dance lessons for all ages, call us today on 07770 890 034.

Blackheath High Senior School is governed by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (I.S.T.D.), which is one of the largest and most experienced dance examining boards in the world. Each grade involves specialised technique and performance based routines, which your child can achieve through examinations.


We were also invited by the Ballet Faculty of the I.S.T.D. to demonstrate the Ballet Syllabus at London for the entire examining board.

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